D-Tel Plus Depository Cabinet

D-Tel Plus Depository Cabinet with snap shut mechanism. With this, the drawers can be shut with a simple push, a feature which is enabled by a high precision lock. The drawers can then be opened only with the help of a key. It’s unique design makes handling and storing cash effortless and also provides immense security.



Made from prime quality CRCA steel
Multibend construction, welded structure without a single rivet confers enormous strength to D-Tel Plus, making it not only structurally rigid, but also aesthetically appealing
Fitted with high precision Godrej 6 lever lock for the storage unit.
Drawers with snap shut mechanism, each fitted with a Godrej 6 lever lock
Two-tone powder coated finish, far superior to any liquid paint.
Undergoes a 7-step anti-corrosion treatment that inhibits corrosion.
Provision for anchoring/bolting it to the ground or side panel.