Mix Master Pro mixed value note counting machine has authentication, for fake note detection. This machine have automatic counting, detecting, and batching feature.



  • Automatic start, stop and clear.
  • With batch, add and self-checking
  • UV, MG, IR, MT counterfeit detection.
  • Automatic half-note, chain-note, double-note detection.
  • High speed counting with fake note detection.
  • Mixed value counting for Indian Rupee and show the each numbers of different denominations.
  • Updatable for new note in future.
  • Hopper Capacity : 200-300 Notes.
  • Stacker Capacity: 200-300 Notes.
  • Counting Speed : 1000pcs/min
  • Thickness of countable notes: 0.075-0.15mm
  • Size of countable notes: 50x 110-90x190mm
  • Power Supply : AC220V+ 10% 50Hz
  • Power Consumption : 80W
  • Dimension: 300x 253x206mm.